Post Cycle Therapy, in this category you will find everything you need for the cure, from Arimidex and Clomiphene to Proviron and T3.


  • Anastrozole
    Anastrozole is essential for the control of oestrogen and prevents the aromatisation of steroids.
  • Letrozole
    Letrozole is highly effective against excess oestrogen and minimises the risk of gynaecomastia.
  • Exemestane
    Exemestane is an aromatase inhibitor that regulates oestrogen levels and promotes muscle growth.
  • Cabergoline
    Cabergoline regulates prolactin levels and prevents side effects such as gynaecomastia.
  • Clenbuterol
    Clenbuterol maximises fat burning and helps build lean muscle mass.
  • Clomiphene
    Clomiphene is fundamental for post-cycle therapy and promotes natural testosterone production.
  • Tamoxifen
    Tamoxifen is essential for PCT and protects against oestrogen-related side effects.
  • T3
    T3 increases metabolism and promotes fat burning, ideal for supporting weight loss.
  • T4
    T4 regulates metabolism and is essential for energy production and weight management.
  • Mesterolone
    Mesterolone promotes muscle hardness and definition and supports fat loss.
  • HCG
  • Isotretinoin
  • Finasteride

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